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Sam and Eric are twins. They talk, eat, laugh, and play like one person.

The boys often talk to them like one person; they call them Samneric. They like Ralph and they are his frie


nds. But they also think a lot about how they can have the best life at the island. Near the end of the book, they are captured by Jack's tribe and forced to join them.

First ApperanceEdit

They appear at first when they hear Ralph blow in The Conch. They tell Piggy their names, but he has trouble remembering who is who.

Piggy: "Sam, Eric ... Sam, Eric?"
The twins shook their heads and laughed.

Jack's TribeEdit

Samneric, Piggy, and Ralph were the only ones who didn't join Jacks tribe. But Jack kidnapped Samneric and forced them to join his tribe.

Later they betrayed Ralph by telling Jack where he was hiding.

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